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You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any laws be it of your country, the country where “The Italian Lockpickers Club” is hosted or International Law.


Once you got your access, it is compulsory to introduce yourself in New Entry. Besides, it is compulsory to specify the interest you show towards lockpicking is merely linked to sport activity and it has nothing to do with gaining money. Otherwise, you will immediately be banned.

ILC is a community, so it is supported thanks to users' help and support. It was born with the intention to make people know Lockpicking.

ILC states what behaviours are considered correct/legal and functionla within the site as well as according to the country's laws where the site is materially located.

ILC will censor and expel all those users who may violate such rules and will respect them at he same time.

Due to physical limitations it is not always possible to monitor all the contents users propose, so that not suitable contents might be visible for a short time: ILC is not responsible for those contents and, in general, for the contents users send.

A forum is based on its users' peaceful living as well as on the exchange of ideas respecting all the other users and the rules themselves. In order to carry out pleasant and fruitful conversations, we invite you follow the guidelines here with enclosed.

Good sense is the main rule where the general rule does not cover the "gaps".

The Staff of ILC thanks for your attention.


1) Do not use vulgar language or a language which may be considered in some way offensive;

2) Hard-core or violent images are forbidden as well as images which might bother people;

3) Let's avoid "flames" (or personal arguments between users within the Forum);

4) Let's try to bring the "topics" into the right sections the most we can;

5) Let's try not to go Off-Topic (out of the subject); that is, if a conversation is focused on a particular subject, let's try to respect it without speaking about anything else;

6) Crossposting is forbidden (that is sending the same discussion to the same section or more than one);

7) Spam is forbidden, let's avoid to advertise. If it is really necessary, ask a staff member at least;

8) There is not a limit for the avatar's largeness. You have anyway not to exaggerate with the largeness in order not to bother the graphic, making the insertion of posts untypical. Besides, the maximum length of the signature is about 250 characters;

9) No user is obliged to answer you, so ask your questions politely and do not get angry if you get no answer;

10) You are kindly requested, if you realize you have been wrong or forgotten something in a post of yours, not to use another one to correct yourself, but use the right button "MODIFY" which will allow you to modify a message of yours;

11) Let's try not to make some questions about "hacking" or "lockpicking" seem too illegal. On the contrary, request of information topics are allowed (and welcomed); [in case of violation, the post will be edited the sooner we can by mod. If the violation is repeated, you run the risk of a suspension and, in some cases, you may be banned from the Forum];

12) Abbreviations are valid anyway (for instance the same ones used in your mobile sms), but let's try to use them all with a certain moderation, in order not to make the posts incomprehensible for the other users;

13) The Forum moderators have the power to throw spam posts and/or not reliable ones away as well as to modify their correctness in the case they were not clear for every user. Moreover, They can move topics, close them and dividing them,
If the latter are out of subject considering the section.

14) The forum moderators have the power to point out the admin possible problems and/or pointing them news regarding the forum or directly (by private messages) or indirectly (by the appropiate section called "Moderators");

15) Before creating a post, use "search" button on the top on the right in order to see if that subject has already been dealt;

16) It is a good rule to introduce yourself as soon as possible.


In avatar, in signature, in the name and in every field customizable by the user, including the topics, it is severely forbidden to send potentially offensive material towards other users.

Erotic material, even of a slight entity, is highly unadvised and you cannot protest against its eventual removing by the staff.


In order to avoid some unuseful discussions about political ideals and thoughts:
It is forbidden to talk about politics in the Forum and above all to include symbols or sentences
inspirired to political parties, ideals, thoughts in your signature or avatar.

In every field customizable by the user, it is severely forbidden to express every sort of political ideas through imagines or texts.

The staff of ILC devote themselves to moderate or eliminate all those violations using a super parties attitude, so that every recalling, even to history or present events, will be closed if used to support a political thesis.

ILC is not responsible for those actions carried out by users who read the contents of this Forum.

Lockpicking is a sport and it must remain that, so it must not generate bad actions and actions against others' patrimony.

[...Under Construction...]


Il silenziatore fa dello sparo un sospiro....

10 Feb 2009, 23:53
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